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Gemmy and the Sea

I have loved working with glass for years and have also always loved gemstones and jewelry. Both can be intimidating but I recently decided to dive in to jewelry making too! I find so many similarities in within the beauty of both gemstones and glass. So much about them both reminds me of the sea! I love the imperfections, range of color, sparkle and translucency of such a variety of gemstones. So many resemble the colors of both the shallow and deep waters of the ocean, and the white, pink, green and black sand beaches all over the world. I also see so many resemblances with gold and silver and how the sun reflects on the glistening sand, while silver reminds me more of moonlight dancing on the water.

I decided to work mostly with 14k gold-filled and 925 sterling silver, and incorporating a few pieces using vermeil. I have found that gold-filled is a good alternative to gold in regards to price and much better alternative than gold-plated due to longevity. In the past I have bought gold-plated pieces only for them to lose their color so quickly. So this is a happy medium for me. It's more affordable than gold and outlasts gold-plated by far, even decades if taken care of properly.

Our new jewelry line is called 'The Jasmine Collection', named after one of our dogs Jasmine. Our shop is named after our our other dog, Hemmingway. The Jasmine Collection features dainty jewelry inspired by the sea, with gorgeous gemstones, 14k gold-filled, 925 sterling silver, along with a few vermeil pieces. We will be adding new pieces frequently to our online store! We appreciate you supporting our small business!

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