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Care for Stained Glass

Each piece comes cleaned and polished. A finishing wax is applied which seals the surface of the solder and helps slow oxidation. Care for stained glass by lightly dusting as needed. Over time the lead in solder can naturally dull and oxidize. If this happens, clean gently with a soft microfiber cloth. Never use a cleaning product containing ammonia (like Windex), as this can break down the solder. You can apply carnauba wax, let it dry to a haze and buff off. This will make your piece shine like new again! You can also clean your silver and black pieces with Pledge. Never use anything abrasive as this can ruin the metal finish.


Stained glass solder generally contains lead which is not harmful unless inhaled or ingested. It is still recommended to wash your hands thoroughly after handling your stained glass piece.


We do not recommend using suction cups to hang your glass art. They can easily lose suction and cause your piece to fall and break. Make sure to hang securely from a nail or window lock.

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