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This tranquil Stained Glass Sea Turtle Suncatcher features hand-painted speckles on his body and a captivating blend of vibrant blues, reminiscent of the dazzling hues found in the depths of the ocean. This suncatcher’s elegant design perfectly captures the grace and beauty of these magnificent sea creatures, bringing a touch of aquatic charm to any space🌊

Stained Glass Sea Turtle Suncatcher

  • Available in two color options:

    -cathedral (translucent) turquoise with black patina. The cathedral glass creates a beautiful refraction when the sun shines in☀️

    -opaque (not translucent) aqua with silver

    Sea turtle suncatcher measures 6"W x 7"H.

    Each piece is handmade to order. Glass varies in overall texture, thickness and color. Some glass has more character than others, containing lines and bubbles making each piece all the more unique and beautiful!

    We recommend not hanging with suction cups due to them coming loose over time. Hang from a nail or window lock.

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