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This Tropical Stained Glass Palm Tree Suncatcher brings the beauty of the tropics right into your living space. The lush cathedral (translucent) green and earth brown hues of the glass perfectly mimic the natural colors of a palm tree🌴


This suncatcher is also available with festive lights if you’d prefer to have a Christmas Palm Tree!

Tropical Stained Glass Palm Tree Suncatcher or Ornament with or without Lights

PriceFrom $44.00
  • Palm tree suncatcher measures 6"H x 4.75"W.

    Each piece is handmade to order. Glass varies in overall texture, thickness and color. Some glass has more character than others, containing lines and bubbles making each piece all the more unique and beautiful!

    We recommend not hanging with suction cups due to them coming loose over time. Hang from a nail or window lock.


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