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Elevate your look with these elegant Dainty Kyanite Gemstone Drop Earrings available in your choice of 14k Gold Filled or 925 Sterling Silver. When the light shines through these kyanite gemstones, the color is reminiscent of the teal-blue waters of the Caribbean. When light isn't shining through, they resemble the color of a stormy sea. These gemstones also have irregularities in them which is captured in the pics and makes them all the more gorgeous!

Dainty Teal-Blue Kyanite Gemstone Drop Earrings in 14k GF or Silver

  • Each piece comes with either a dainty fine silver or 14k gold filled bead and measures just over 1" in length. Earrings pictured are on 925 Sterling Silver and come packaged in a gift box with a delicate bow.

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